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Strategy Identification

Defining possible.

Uncovering your Strategic options

In an era of disruption, a strategy is more important than ever. Our Strategy Identification service that has helped hundreds of companies create new areas of opportunities.

We analyse your market and your desire for growth in order to create a unique list of strategic scenarios tailored to your risk profile.  Our market-led, research-based process includes a workshop to help evaluate and prioritise your strategic scenarios based on the attractiveness and your ability to execute them.

How does it work?

We uncover strategic options by building a combined understanding of you and your market


By understanding your expectations and desires are can begin to understand your appetite for growth. We consider timeframes, financial expectations, operational capacity and capability, and both hard and soft capital. 


We analyse your market to understand where the supply and demand lie and who holds the power and what are they doing with it. We look at the consolidation and disruptions, and acquisitions and partnerships within your value chains to gain an understanding of the shape and movement of your industry 

Process and costs

The entire process takes 2-3 weeks from start to finish. We work in a very collaborative way, use technology when needed to ensure both transparency and speed.  


  • Initial briefing workshop

  • Analysis and data exchange

  • Midpoint progress update

  • Report/documentation of market analysis and scenarios

  • Workshop to prioritse and discuss both scenario and market analysis

  • Establish next steps

Cost: $6000 +gst

For more information on this or anything else, please contact Aaron Humphrey on 0275623358 or