Offer Design


We design and validate solutions to meet the market need.

2. Offer Design

A design process that creates and defines a desirable solution that will meet the market need and validate its potential against your growth ambitions. We use a customer-centric approach to develop products and services that meet the need of the defined audience, at the end of the process you will have a market validated concept on which you can build an investment case.

Explore the details of the three stages of Offer Design.

2.1 Market Validation
2.2 Solution Design
2.3 Testing and Validation

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Pricing for Offer Design
$14,000 + GST

A design to a defined and specific opportunity space, with a known and accessible user

$30,000 + GST

Suitable for step-change growth journeys that require a new offer or new audience.

$60,000 + GST

Fully validated and refined offer design for growth journeys with large capital requirements

The Key Stages and Outcomes of "Offer Design".

Market Validation


Market Validation

During the Market Validation phase, we will start exploring the opportunity within the identified opportunity space.

One of the main reasons ideas fail is because there is no market need. This is why a thorough understanding of the ‘problem to solve’  within the identified opportunity space is a critical aspect of the growth journey.

We will be answering questions such as: Who is your customer? What are their problems? How are they currently solving those problems? Is the problem we identified worth solving?

Throughout the problem exploration phase, we will validate assumptions about the problem with customers – removing uncertainty about the exact market need.


At the end of the Market Validation phase, you will have

  • Defined User Persona

  • A Mapped Customer Journey

  • Competitor Insight

  • Validated user problem(s) to solve


Price for Market Validation only:

Rapid : $7,000

Standard: $10,000

Deep: $20,000

Solution Design

During this phase, we will take the ‘validated problem’ from 2.1  as a starting point so we can design and test a variety of possible solutions.

It is essential to explore various ways to meet the market need as falling in love with the initial solution without thoroughly exploring alternatives is a sure way to diminish the chances of success.

We will answer questions such as: “Have we considered all solution options? Which features of the solution offer the most value? Does the end-user value the solution that I have designed?” By answering these questions, we will de-risk the project by avoiding investing in solutions that the end-user won’t adopt.


At the end of the solution design process you will have:

  • Created several potential solutions to the market need.

  • Identified the features that will bring the most value to the users .

  • Developed an single idea into a clear concept.

  • Identified key assumptions to be tested


Solution Design



Test & Validate

Test and Validate

This phase is focused on validating the most promising solutions from 2.2.


We use prototyping to test solutions with the market. Depending on the solution we are testing, the prototype can vary from;  a storyboard, a poster or a journey map, clickable wireframe or another suitable format as long as it allows users to test the core solution approach and any underlying assumptions.

Once a prototype is developed we are able to run various experiments to capture feedback on specific areas such as; key features and functions, value proposition/exchange and usability and usefulness.


At the end of this phase, we will have gathered insights and (in)validated key assumptions, and have a defined solution that meets a market need in an acceptable way.


At the end of the Test and Validate phase you will have:

  • Developed a prototype to validate user and market acceptance.

  • Created experiments to test the concept and underlying assumptions.

  • A validated solution, that is both useful and useable to the market.


Pricing Levels


Who is this for?
Clients that want to conceptualise a solution to a defined and specific opportunity space, with a known and accessible user. Suitable for low risk and low investment growth opportunities.
  • A narrow and specific opportunity problem e.g. productising of existing services.
  • A founder-owned business where the decision can be made quickly.
  • For businesses wanting quickly visualise a concept to test with their audience /stakeholders .


$14,000 +GST


Who is this for: 
For clients wanting to mitigate risk through a validated and staged design process. Suitable for step change growth journeys that require new capital.
  • Creation of new product/ service within known and established value chain.
  • Adapting an existing product/ service for a new market (geographic or demographic)
  • For businesses wanting proof of market acceptance of both the problem and solution design.


$30,000 + GST


Who is this For:
Businesses wanting a deep certainty of the market needs and a fully validated and refined solution that has undergone multiple iterations. Suitable for growth journey with large capital requirements investment.
  • Product/Service development in a new Value Chain
  • Creation of a new market, or working within an emergent market where data is limited
  • Director run businesses where the decision-making will be at multiple levels


$60,000 +GST

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