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Turn your organic strategy into a quantum growth powerhouse

We identify step-change growth strategies for ambitious businesses looking to scale

of New Zealand businesses don't survive more than 5 years

Making decisions based on gut feel is not a strategy for growth. 

But it's not just any strategy that's important.  Unlike other advisors, we don’t focus on internal business improvement; our emphasis is on understanding the market you operate within and identifying opportunities for market-led growth.

Bottom Line: A market-led strategy unlocks the potential of your business
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We scan your market to discover the white spaces for you to capture

The key to our approach is seeing the market like a chessboard. We are seeking to understand all the players in the game, their strategic moves and therefore the opportunities that others haven't seen.  

Desktop Research

We collect data and information from online sources about all aspects of the market you operate in.  The aim is to make sure we've "got all the pieces for the chessboard".

Market Analysis

We synthesise the data to surface patterns of market behaviour. This analysis and insights stage is where we look at value chain dynamics and consumer demands to "see the pieces on the board".

Strategic Scenarios

We identify a range of strategic scenarios that have the potential to achieve step-change growth. In a collaborative session we work through the implications of each scenario and help you prioritise.


Business owners tell us that a market-led strategy gives them the clarity & confidence to make bold decisions. 


Working with us is super easy

Once you sign up with us we begin your strategy identification process:

Briefing Workshop
Storyboard Presentation
Analysis Workshop
Scenarios Presentation

We kick off with an exploratory session to understand your situation and motivations.

We present an outline of the research & analysis we'll undertake to make sure we're on the same page.

We do the hard work analysing your market and finding the white spaces where you could play.

We walk you through the analysis and discuss the value chain dynamics impacting your market.

We present the final strategic scenarios and discuss the implications for your business.

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"The impact of working with Spring in the beginning of our business allowed us to really have a holistic view of the market and plan out our growth strategy."

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Carmen Vicelich
Founder, Data Insight

"Working with Spring was one of the best decisions we made.  The attention to detail, depth of analysis and questioning gave us the confidence to pursue our dream." 

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Gary Rohloff
Founder, Laybuy

"Other than my wife I haven’t enjoyed someone holding my hand as much as Spring has, on the journey of achieving great success for Eat The Kiwi and New Zealand."

John Stokes
Owner, Produce Co.

Packages to fit your market complexity

Choose the package that matches your situation


$10,000 + GST

A simple and well-known value chain that is easily defined and has readily accessible market intelligence data

A narrow and specific business problem e.g. market entry strategy

A founder-owned business where the decision can be made quickly

Suits businesses with:



A final report that outlines the value chain and the prioritised opportunity spaces - developed alongside the 4 collaboration workshops.


$20,000 + GST

A complex and dynamic value chain that is difficult to define but has readily accessible market intelligence data

Broad step-change business problem

e.g. agree a transformation strategy

A founder-owned business where the decision can be made quickly

Suits businesses with:



A detailed final report that describes the value chain dynamics of the complex market and the prioritised opportunity spaces - developed alongside the 4 collaboration workshops - and presented to the leadership team.


$40,000 + GST

A complex and dynamic value chain that is difficult to define and doesn't have readily accessible market data

Broad step-change business problem

e.g. agree a transformation strategy

Director run businesses where the decision-making will be at multiple levels 

Suits businesses with:



A bespoke final report that fully details the value chain dynamics, the prioritised opportunity spaces & business case summaries - developed alongside multiple collaboration workshops - and presented to the leadership team and board of directors.


We're a registered provider under the NZTE Capability Development Voucher Scheme for business training and coaching services.  Talk to us to find out more.


Ready to find the strategy that will kick start your business growth?

See why our clients trust us to analyse their market and find their next growth strategy 


Our Story

Here at Spring we pride ourselves on making the impossible possible, and delivering meaningful outcomes for our clients.

We want to help businesses develop an ambitious plan which accelerates their growth beyond business as usual and allows them to adapt to change wherever it may come from.

We’ve reinvented the strategy consulting industry, by focusing on collecting market insights to identify growth opportunities that will lift the revenue line, rather than looking inside the business for the productivity-led answers. In this fast-paced world we’ve redesigned the service experience to make it fast and affordable, delivery strategy that is is real-time and accessible to businesses of all sizes.

We don’t do things the way other companies do – we’re comfortable challenging people, as we also challenge ourselves every day. We’re passionate about helping New Zealand businesses grow, and helping business leaders realise their potential.


Our Philosophy

The market strategy process is a chance to take a step back from the day-to-day and focus on your market to look at what will really be driving change in the future. Critical to this is to be purposeful about your business journey. Part of our process is ensuring that your business is deliberate and informed in selecting the growth journey that you are taking.

Factors to consider when selecting your growth journey include:

  • Shareholder Goals – the appetite of shareholders for risk and returns.

  • Industry Evolution – the nature of technology disruption in your industry and how fast it is evolving.

  • Business Capabilities – the level of innovation, differentiation and scalability of your offer

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Our process has been created for three specific situations when major market-led decisions are most important: 


1. New Company – founders who either seek validation of their business opportunity or those who have already established themselves in market but are seeking to scale-up their revenue line.


2. Established Company - businesses who are in a growth mode but can see their industry maturing now or in the near future. They seek opportunities to diversify or reinvent their offer to capture a new growth curve.


3. Major Transaction – when a company of any size is undertaking a major transaction such as capital raising, acquisitions, divestments, joint-ventures, alliances or exit transactions. Understanding your market position can impact your business valuation and transaction leverage in material ways. 

In all situations, we are aiming to identify market-led initiatives that will enable the business to “cross the chasm” from Early Stage to Expansion and realise its full potential. 

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