Growth Strategy


We scan your market to discover the white spaces for you to capture.

1. Growth Strategy

A desktop research-led process that analyses the market dynamics in order to identify viable, market-led white spaces. 

The key to our approach is seeing the market like a chessboard. We are seeking to understand all the players in the game, their strategic moves and therefore the opportunities that others haven't seen.

The Stages of Growth Strategy.

1.1 Market Intelligence

1.2 Strategy Chessboard

1.3 Strategy Mapping

$10,000 + GST

For a defined and simple value chain with accessible market data

$20,000 + GST

For complex, or ill defined value chains with accessible market data

$40,000 + GST

For new or ill-defined value chains with limited accessible market data

Market Intelligence


Market Intelligence

It's critical before identifying strategic opportunities to have a solid fact-base that you can build alignment on.

The Market Intelligence process aims to assimilate secondary data through desktop research to build a rich profile of your industry and value chain dynamics.

  1. Size – quantitative data on the sizes of your target market and current spend in your category

  2. Structure – profiling data of the key companies competing for market share

  3. Trends – the underlying behaviour patterns that are driving change.


At the end of the Market Intelligence phase you will have a 30 – 80 page custom report outlining:

  • Market – analysis of your direct competitors and customers

  • Industry – an understanding of the global industry you operate in and the implications of market selection

  • Eco-system – a helicopter perspective of your wider value chain and eco-system and the ebbs and flows that are shaping the market for your offer.


We collect three types of data:

Strategy Chessboard

This phase is focused on assimilating the market intelligence into a dynamic framework that provides insights for opportunity identification.


The strategy chessboard is our proprietary framework that analyses your business inside not just its industry but the wider eco-system that your business operates in.  By taking this higher-level perspective we can see opportunities for growth and expansion that you don’t normally see.


At the end of this phase, we will have an agreed set of prioritised ‘white spaces’ that your business could consider exploring.  A white space is a clear gap in the market from both a demand and supply perspective.


At the end of the Strategy Chessboard phase, you will have

  • Insights – synthesis of multiple analysis points to generate unique insights into how the market operates.

  • White Spaces  – identification of alternative white spaces that have emerged from the insights.

  • Prioritisation – after a brief set of analyses of the alternative white space a prioritisation of the top white spaces under consideration based on Market Attractiveness and Ability to Execute.


Strategy Chessboard



Strategy Mapping

Strategy Mapping

This phase is focused on working more deeply on the top selected White Spaces that have been prioritised in the Strategy Chessboard phase.

This is not detailed business planning but a high-level exploration of some of the key aspects of the journey including:

  1. Revenue estimates – a sizing of the target market and estimated penetration of the market over the next five years

  2. Business Model – clearly define eight key aspects of the strategy, including offer, income streams, operating model, key resources and assets required to succeed.

  3. Roadmap – a high-level activity phasing plan and financial forecast for the first five years, with a particular focus on the first 6 months.


At the end of the Strategy Mapping phase you will have:

  • Level of Investment – a clear understanding of the major investment required to make this initiative successful

  • Return on Investment – an estimate of the downstream scale of embarking on this initiative.  To identify whether it matches the shareholder's scale goals.

  • Next steps – the first items the business should embark on to validate the proposed initiative.


Growth Strategy Pricing Levels


Who is this for?

Clients that either have a very specific business challenge such as:

  • Go-to-market – a new offer seeking a go-to-market strategy

  • Market Entry – an existing offer looking to expand into a new geography

  • Simple Market – a narrow and simple market to analyse

  • Specific Acquisition – analysis of a specific acquisition and its market dynamics

Not suitable for very complex or technically difficult opportunities.


$10,000 +GST


Who is this for: 

Clients that have either a broad or complex challenge to analyse such as:

  • Diversification – existing businesses seeking to diversify their offering

  • Technology – an innovation business that is seeking a significant commercialisation program including capital raising.

  • Acquisition Scan – established business seeking a broad analysis of the market to identify acquisitions.

This is our most popular market scan size.


$20,000 + GST


Who is this For:

Clients that are seeking to make considerable investments beyond
$10 million and want a robust and detailed analysis of the opportunities they are considering. 


This suits:

  • Large companies – with Board of Directors requiring a detailed and distributable pack

  • Complex markets – for very complex and dynamic markets whereby the smaller scans can’t address.


$40,000 +GST