We are growth navigators.

We create unshakable confidence for deal based growth.

We are growth navigators.


We create unshakable confidence for deal based growth.

Why should you be "Deal Ready"?


Deal readiness is “the capacity of a business to understand and meet the specific needs and expectations of investors or partners". It plays a critical role in shaping whether a business can achieve quantum growth.. Two key components influence a business’ deal readiness: business viability and quality of investment materials

Our Growth Navigation Services

Each stage of the growth navigation service builds on the previous, and as we progress through this journey we remove uncertainty by testing and validating our assumptions about the opportunity space, the solution design and the investment requirements.


Growth Strategy


A desktop research-led process that analyses the market dynamics in order to identify viable, market-led white spaces.


Market Validation


A design process that creates and defines a desirable solution that will meet the market need and validate its potential against your growth ambitions.


Business Case


A financial modelling process that designs a feasible investment case for implementing the solution to the market opportunity.
NZTE Registered Capability Provider

We are a registered provider under the NZTE Capability Development Voucher Scheme for business training and coaching services.  Talk to us to find out more.


62% of New Zealand businesses don't survive more than 5 years

Making decisions based on gut feel is not a strategy for growth. Unlike other advisors, we don’t focus on internal business improvement; our emphasis is on understanding the market you operate within and identifying opportunities for market-led growth
Bottom Line: A market-led Growth Strategy unlocks the potential of your business

"The impact of working with Spring in the beginning of our business allowed us to really have a holistic view of the market and plan out our growth strategy."

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Carmen Vicelich
Founder, Data Insight


"Working with Spring was one of the best decisions we made.  The attention to detail, depth of analysis and questioning gave us the confidence to pursue our dream." 

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Gary Rohloff
Founder, Laybuy

"Other than my wife I haven’t enjoyed someone holding my hand as much as Spring has, on the journey of achieving great success for Eat The Kiwi and New Zealand."


John Stokes
Owner, Produce Co.


Our Story.

Here at Spring we pride ourselves on making the impossible possible and delivering meaningful outcomes for our clients.
We want to help businesses develop an ambitious plan which accelerates their growth beyond business as usual and allows them to adapt to change wherever it may come from.

We’re changing the strategy consulting industry, by focusing on collecting market insights to identify growth opportunities, developing offers and building Business Cases that will lift the revenue line and deliver shareholder value.

In this fast-paced world, we’ve redesigned the service experience to make it fast and affordable, a delivery strategy that is real-time and accessible to businesses of all sizes.

We don’t do things the way other companies do – we’re comfortable challenging people, as we also challenge ourselves every day. We’re passionate about helping New Zealand businesses grow, and helping business leaders realise their potential.