Business Case


We develop the investment case to give you the confidence to invest in new growth.

3. Business Case

A financial modelling process that designs a feasible investment case for implementing the solution to the market opportunity. The Business Case has been created to give you confidence in your investment.


The Business Case provides clarity on the key components that will drive the business journey and financial model and ensures you have an understanding of the level, type and timings of any required investment.

Explore the details of the three stages of the Business Case.

3.1  Business Design

3.2  Investment Requirements

3.3 Investment Story

$8,000 + GST

A desgin to a defined and specific opportunity space, with a known and accessible user

$20,000 + GST

Suitable for step-change growth journeys that require a new offer or new audience.

$40,000 + GST

Fully Validated and refined offer design for growth journeys with large capital requirements

Business Case


Business Design

During the Business Design phase, we focus on the key components that will drive the business journey and financial model.


Having a clear picture of all of the components of the business design will allow us to construct a financial model that will reflect the scale and drivers of the opportunity.

We’ll be answering questions such as what is the expected growth curve for revenue, what pricing model will apply, what the go to market plan will look like and how much the business development will cost.


At the end of this phase, you will have
  • Identified revenue and business models
  • What is required to take the offer to market
  • Critical revenue and business model assumptions
  • A clear picture of the financial expectations

Investment Requirments

In this phase, we develop the financial model to determine what investment needs to take place to deliver the business design from the previous phase.
The investment comes in a number of forms, including money, key people, key partnerships, etc.

We’ll explore the key milestones along the growth journey and identify the nature of the critical resources required at the various stages of that journey, to maximise the chances of success. We’ll also recognise where key learnings might lead to the need to adjust the business design.


At the end of the solution design process you will have:
  • Mapped out the growth journey
  • Identified the nature of the key resources required to achieve the business design
  • Established the nature and timing of key development milestones
  • Recognised the pivot points that could lead to changes to the business design
  • Delivered the financial model representing all the elements determined in these two phases


Investment Requirments



Investment Story

Investment Story

The focus in this third phase is telling the story to the critical partners that will invest in your journey
Having identified the key investor stakeholders, the focus here shifts to developing the story that will get them excited to go on this journey with you.
We’ll extract the critical story elements, from success drivers to investment journey and key milestones, and develop a format for and content of the document to present to them to sell them on your vision.


At the end of the Test and Validate phase you will have:
  • Documented the opportunity in an appropriate Investment Story for your target audience
  • Gained internal feedback to capture the best input from the team and ensure full buy-in
  • If doing a deep version, assisting with the testing of the story with external friendlies prior to taking it to the target audience

Pricing Levels


Who is this for?
Clients with initiatives that primarily require internal alignment before any decision to proceed.

The rapid version does not include the Investment Story stage as standard but can be included at an additional cost if required.


$8,000 +GST


Who is this for: 
Clients with initiatives that require alignment amongst a key audience beyond key management. Typical examples include:
  • External stakeholders, such as investors or key business partners; or
  • Internal stakeholders, such as independent Board members


$20,000 + GST


Who is this For:
Organisations  wanting a deep exploration of the business design and investment journey, and who are seeking critical investment agreements, such as:
  • Exclusive distribution deals Investment funding from new and/or existing investors
  • Significant bank financing
  • Corporate partnerships 


$40,000 +GST

We have been doing growth navigation for over a decade now, as a result, we have created the levels of Rapid, Standard and Deep that cater for most needs. However if you're not sure which one you need, or perhaps you need something a bit different we would love to talk.