We research, design, and execute commercial strategies that deliver stakeholder value.

Research, Strategy & Commercialisation

Our aim is to radically change the global economy by unleashing the potential of SME’s 

Different thinking for a changing world.

Whether we like it or not, change is the new normal. Technical, economic, and cultural change is happening faster than ever before. Technology is democratising information, enabling people to connect, influence and transact like never before. During the next decade, your ability to to see new market spaces; to quickly introduce new products, instantly change business processes, create new business models, and adapt your supply chain will be what defines your business success.

Our Services

We have developed a process that allows us to go on a journey with our clients. By working with our clients using both in-person and video calls to ensure transparency and speed of communication. Regular workshops and calls ensure we work with our clients as a team. 



Strategy identification

This process allows us to see what might be possible for your business. We analyse the market, your value chain and consumers and partners to identify possible strategic scenarios. 

We also work with you to understand your requirements and desired outcomes. Having a clear personal goal ensures we set off in the right direction.

We aim to create 3-6 options as this allows for meaningful discussion and comparison. 

Timing: 3 weeks


Business Design

Having agreed on 1 or 2 scenarios that are desirable, feasible, and viable for you, we dive deeper into each.

We look at the operational requirements, the offer, and the experience needed to go to market, and we investigate possible funding options and partnerships.


This level of details ensures there is agreement and understanding of the expectations and requirements for each strategic option.



By working with our clients to implement the chosen strategy we are able to fast track many of the activities required. Our experience and expertise allow us to focus on the activity required to bring the strategy to life.

By working with you on your business we are able to put in place the correct resources to ensure the successful commercialisation of the chosen strategy.


Our Growth Framework

Organic growth is driven from achieving Operational Excellence; a term that emerged in the 1970’s from the quality revolution.  But the modern-day entrepreneur needs a broader range of critical success factors to successfully compete. 


A clear understanding of the market dynamics and selecting the most viable white space that a company is best positioned to capture.


The design of a desirable offer along with the strategic partners to access customers.



Aligned intent of the shareholders on how they will fund and achieve wealth creation.



A feasible business development roadmap with the right hard and soft capital to leverage.


Hayley Molloy

Founder, Molly Woppy

“Spring provided us the guidance we needed to start thinking about ways to make positive changes in our business rather than be side-tracked by the day to day issues.”

Carmen Vicelich

Founder, Data Insight

“The impact of working with Spring in the beginning of our business allowed us to really have a holistic view of the market and plan out our growth strategy.”

John Stokes

Owner, Produce Company

“Other than my wife I haven’t enjoyed someone holding my hand as much as Spring has, on the journey of achieving great success for Eat The Kiwi and New Zealand.”

Craig Reily.png

Craig Reilly

Corporate Advisory

Craig is a financial executive with broad experience in all aspects of capital raising, joint-ventures, collaborations and commercialisation. He has worked across the size spectrum from undertaking New Zealand’s largest debt privatization and leading EY’s corporate finance team in Melbourne, to running the New Zealand brand of the Trans-Tasman Commercialisation fund investing in early science.  More recently his passion has been supporting early or small businesses to establish the right strategy and capital structures to fund their growth, undertaking New Zealand’s largest seed capital raising round. 


Debbie Humphrey

Market Strategy

Debbie has owned and operated her own businesses since she was 20 years old.  Gaining a ‘business principles’ grounding in a corporate environment, she became a full-time entrepreneur in 2000, winning startup Entrepreneur of the Year in 2005. In the past twenty years she has designed growth strategies for hundreds of companies from fast-growth startups to large corporations, as well as being an owner in over 12 of her own businesses.

The team

 We pride ourselves on doing things differently, being disruptive, making the impossible possible, and delivering meaningful outcomes for our clients. We bring a range of complementary skills and share the passion of achieving real outcomes for SME's.


Kimball Fink-Jensen

Operations Transformation

Kimball began his career in Investment Banking before undertaking a range of corporate roles in Strategic Development. Since 2002 Kimball has worked with a large number of corporates and SMEs developing strategic plans, business models and the related financial models.  He has worked on a multitude of strategic growth and process improvement assignments spanning a diverse range of industries.


Ben Akin-Smith

Offer Design

Ben has worked in the digital space for over 20 years. Having started from a graduate working in IT support to running and owning several digital agencies, he now focuses on Experience Strategy and Design. Ben is able understand and amplify the voice of the customer and then create new offers, services and business that not only resonate with the user but also bring value to the stakeholders.

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